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If You Think You're Having A Bad Day, Just Look At These 22 People

It can always be worse.

If you're having a rough day, just remember...

1. At least you didn't wake up like this:

2. And at least this didn't happen on your date:

3. And hey, at least your Roomba didn't betray you:

4. Just be thankful your umbrella didn't fly home to its home planet:

5. And this didn't happen to you at work:

6. And, at the VERY LEAST, at least you didn't fart-bomb anyone:

7. At least you have a better lunch than this:

8. And at least your iPad didn't try to run away:

9. And hey, you remembered to plug everything in:

10. At least you didn't find out you're allergic to hair dye:

11. And at least you don't have a mouth full of foam:

12. And hey, you aren't reliving your baby days:

13. At least your small talk went a little better than this:

14. And at least you didn't get this in the mail:

15. And hey, at least you remembered what you needed to remember:

16. At least you didn't make this awful mistake:

17. And at least you weren't let down by the world's worst pocket:

18. And look on the bright side, at least this didn't happen to you at 5 AM:

19. At least you don't have one monstrous gummy:

20. At least a cashier didn't dunk on you:

21. And at least you didn't take the world's most useless Uber:

22. Finally, at least you didn't witness this: