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26 Pictures That Prove That The World Isn't Such A Bad Place

Everything is okay.

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1. This road side spreading of love:

2. This kid's message of love against the Westboro Baptist Church:

3. This delivery guy just looking out for someone they don't even know:

4. This message of love for students going through a difficult time:

5. This man's mission to keep his neighborhood clean:

6. This story from the library:

7. This guy lending a hand during a rainstorm:

8. This officer's donations:

9. This officer's words of support:

10. Students standing up for their principal:

11. This rollerbladers act of kindness:

12. Zach's best friend:

13. A dream immediately coming true:

14. Friendship knowing no bounds and rising above a quarantine:

15. This little girl's note of gratitude:

16. This dog's transformation:

17. This free treat:

18. This little girl's words of inspiration:

19. This note from someone just looking out:

20. Dan's coffee runs:

21. Lillian's life's work:

22. This kid looking out for those in need:

23. This emergency gift:

24. Emma's birthday party:

25. This outpouring of love from former strangers:

26. And a community coming together to help a grieving father:



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