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21 Pictures People Who Don't Have Time For Any Bullshit Will Understand


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1. Not having time for one trip:

2. Not having time for directions:

3. Clicking that track package link like it'll make the package arrive faster:

4. Getting intense anxiety from checkout lines:

5. Convincing yourself you control time:

6. Not having time for loading:

7. Not having time for a restart:

8. Not having time for, like, anything:

9. Feeling intense shipping betrayal all the time:

10. Living with intense, intense restaurant envy:

11. Needing something back 0.000948 seconds after lending it out:

12. Always being betrayed by your food:

13. Eatin' that PAPER:

14. Not having time for the WRONG SONG:

15. Living your life by the double text:

16. Accomplishing every task in two minutes:

17. Getting a little too ready a little too early for a shower:

18. Constantly thinking about what meal is next:

19. Not having time for your finger's bullshit:

20. Not having time to take things slow:

21. And living an eternity in 13 minutes:

It's been 84 years...

It's been 84 years...

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