22 Food Fails That Will Hurt You Deep, Deep Inside Your Soul

    *They Might Be Giants voice*: Life is unfair.

    1. They say God saves his hardest battles for his toughest soldiers.

    2. But how does anyone deserve this?

    3. It's awful.

    4. Just plain awful.

    5. Oh, the humanity.


    7. It's just not fair.

    8. That pizza had so much to live for.

    9. Why? Why? WHY?

    10. Man plans and God laughs.

    11. It's not what you want.

    12. Not what you want at all.

    13. It's just plain rough.

    14. It's a dang travesty.

    15. Lord grant me strength in my hour of darkness.

    16. Grant me the will to persevere.

    17. These are trying times.

    18. I'm so sorry.

    19. Gooooood grief.

    20. Goodest of griefs.

    21. Prayers up.

    22. It's just so bad.