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24 Pictures That Prove Old People Ruled The Internet In 2016

At least SOMEONE used the internet for good.

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1. When grandma let CNN know her breaking news:

2. When Robb just wanted to say thanks:

3. When Joan went looking for that recipe:

4. When the lasagna was delicious:

5. When Walmart had VACCUMS:

6. When Nan treated Google with respect:

7. When grandma just let Outback know they were in her thoughts:

8. When Phyllis put in a good word:

9. When the baby was delicious:

10. When Vanessa spread the love:

11. When Mom made up HER OWN RULES:

12. When Ruth gave news of her diagnosis:

13. When grandma didn't understand:

14. When Bobby got his grandchildren mixed up:

15. When Doris gave her signature:

16. When there was a catastrophic emoji mix-up:

17. When Kermit told everyone Sam's business:

18. When Linda let Melitta know what's up:

19. When grandma became a hardwood floor:

20. When Julie shared her positivity:

21. When grandpa shared his favorite memories:

22. When this discusting thing happened:

23. When grandpa shared that great meme:

24. When grandma COULD handle it:

And when Peaches looked just a liiiiittle suspicious:

Can Peaches be trusted?

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