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26 Absolutely Perfect Ways For Millennials To Explain How Old They Are

"I'm 'Get Off the Internet I Need to Make a Call' years old."

1. "Got Off the Internet Because Someone Needed to Make a Call" years old:

2. "Carried My Entire Music Collection in a Binder" years old:

3. "Orange Tape" years old:

4. "Printed Out Directions From the Internet" years old:

5. "Read the Back of a Shampoo Bottle on the Toilet" years old:

6. "Had to Look Up Movie Times in the Newspaper" years old:

7. "Video Games Only Worked on Channel 3" years old:

8. "Recorded a Song Off the Radio for a Ringtone" years old:

9. "Waited Two Weeks to Get Pictures Developed and They All Came Back Looking Like This" years old:

10. "Looked Through the Eyehole on a Camera to Take a Picture" years old:

11. "Watched Titanic on Two Separate VHS Tapes" years old:

12. "Had to Physically Roll Up the Windows" years old:

13. "Almost Lost a Fortune on Phone Internet" years old:


14. "Carried a Phone AND an iPod" years old:

15. "Wrote Down All the Phone Numbers I Knew on a Sheet of Paper" years old:

16. "Didn't Need to Charge My Phone Every Two Hours" years old:

17. "Got Trapped in a Phone Cord" years old:

18. "Asked HUMAN BEINGS for Directions" years old:

19. "Missed the Channel I Was Waiting for on TV Guide and Have to Wait Another Four Minutes" years old:

20. "Took 45 Seconds to Say Hello on T9" years old:

21. "Spent Days Waiting for a Tiny File to Download" years old:

22. "Almost Physically Assaulted a Family Member Because They Taped Over Something" years old:

23. "Had a Computer Room" years old:

24. "Call Me After 9 When My Minutes Are Free" years old:

25. "Covered My Eyes While Rewinding" years old:

26. "None of My Baby Pictures Were Taken on a Phone" years old:


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