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I Seriously Can't Stop Laughing At These Extremely Hilarious And Specific Online Shopping Fails

A wise person once said: Buyer beware.

Imagine, if you will, ordering something online and receiving...

1. A fridge fit for a (very, very tiny) king:

2. The lamp the Pixar lamp was based on:

A lamp smaller than someone's phone

3. The hoylest of bibles:

4. The tiniest scratching post:

5. The world's biggest ladle:

6. A big ol' container of goop:

7. AirPods with a very personal message:

8. [Alanis Morissette voice] 75 pounds of lubricant when all you want is some soup:

9. The infinity heel:

10. Stamps that really hit close to home:

11. A rug for your feet and your feet ONLY:

12. The world's most polite jersey:

13. The best senior shirt:

14. Business cards from the most prestigious university:

15. Mom's big surprise gift:

16. A great pen if you work at a company called "Please Use Uploaded Logo," but not so much if you work anywhere else:

17. A simply stunning banner:

18. All of the best music, none of the hits:

19. Everyone's favorite player:

20. A wonderful name for a child:

21. A fantastic logo:

22. Shoes that are muddied and bent to PERFECTION:

23. Another wonderful name for a baby:

24. A birthday cake for every man and woman:

25. Mum's Celtic cup:

26. The best napkin holder:

27. Mom's important message:

28. A kinda wordy glass:

29. And the cake they've always wanted:

Wow. Beautiful.