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    22 Times Old People Absolutely Annihilated Other People On The Internet

    Oh no.

    1. When Wendy set a wonderful new profile pic:

    profile pic reading i hate iowa please buy my house

    2. When grandma said you better watch it:

    meme of a microwave that says ding ding enjoy your bowl of cold ass food and grandma said i am goign to slap your mouth / Via u/dainfamouscid

    3. When Gene bared his heart and soul:

    Person named gene posting on the wall of a pizza place saying they always keep their feelings to themself and they say tell us more and gene says i said enough / Via u/iSpccn

    4. When Jim had absolutely no filter whatsoever:

    comment reading all of my grandchildren are dead and someone named jim says enjoy the free time

    5. When Maurice made his final offer:

    person saying good morning is this still available and the other person says yes it is are you interested and they say no

    6. When Jo Ann had enough of the Giant:

    person saying your celery is filthy and they say sorry to hear that and she responds whup tee doo

    7. When the news of Bradley broke:

    person saying one other person reminds them of their son bradley and they say thats nice and they respond it's not a compliment he went to prison

    8. When a goose was involved:

    old person saying they will punch a goose in its stupid head

    9. When grandma kept on screamin':

    someone typing in all caps and another person says stop using caps and they say i have typed in caps for 40 years / Via u/ris1016

    10. When Janice chimed in on the cat pictures:

    cat pictures with the comment i wish they were dogs / Via u/ten_yachtz

    11. When grandma dropped the gauntlet:

    person writing on facebook maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken maybe it's starting over and creating something better and they respond that's why you have a younger sister / Via u/stormswampert

    12. When Sue snapped:

    person typing in all caps and getting yelled at for it and they say what would actually be rude is calling you a bitch / Via u/bugsbunnycouch

    13. When grandpa had a sleeping suggestion:

    person asking for cures for insomnia and someone responds pray pray the devil will put you to sleep / Via u/UTOPILO

    14. When Tom shared a blessing:

    person saying what a great day 65 love it thank you jesus and another person says happy birthday and they say that is the temperature / Via u/assumetehposition

    15. When grandma laid down the law:

    text reading name something that pisses you the fuck off and someone responds people like you that can't express themselves without bad language / Via u/l1zardr0ckets

    16. When Geraldine taught about the value of friendship:

    post reading i hate rihanna and grandma writes she might be mean to you but that doesn't mean you have to be mean to her

    17. When grandpa was brutally honest:

    meme saying how old will you be in 2050 and someone responds i will be dead / Via u/juicyjake3737

    18. When Deborah shared news of her granddaughters:

    post of someone named deborah talking about her two granddaughters and someone named brooklyn says i just had a corndog

    19. When Sandy shared a beautiful invisible picture:

    person acting like they shared a picture but they actually did not attach anything / Via u/misdlx

    20. When Ruth made some things clear:

    someone named ruth saying i have not cooked a meal in seven years and i do not intend to start now

    21. When grandma said "not today":

    person hitting on another person on facebook and they say get a life

    22. And, finally, when Debbie took no prisoners:

    person named debbie commenting on a picture of a water gallon challenge i'll keep drinking alrite fill that with pinot grigio instead fuck your sober water challenge bullshit

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