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    26 Reasons Why Old People Need To Be Protected AT ALL COSTS

    Protect old people.

    1. Old people are ready for any situation:

    2. They're very hip:

    3. They're masters of disguise:

    4. They have the best shirts:

    5. They know their limits:

    6. They'll always get ya back:

    7. They're great at making friends:

    8. They give great feedback:

    9. They know how to make an entrance:

    10. They're consistent:

    11. They appreciate a good outfit:

    12. They're golden:

    13. They speak their mind:

    14. They're always down to clown:


    15. They only call when it's very important:

    16. They always come through in the clutch:

    17. They take a great picture:

    18. They're the luckiest people out there:

    19. They're giving:

    20. They love a good hat:

    21. They're loyal:

    22. They're down with internet culture:

    23. They're prepared for any occasion:

    24. They're as helpful as helpful can be:

    25. They appreciate fine art:

    26. They can pull off any outfit: