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23 Pictures So Stupid, They'll Make You A Dumber Person

You know, if the news already didn't make you want to do that.

1. This astute observation:

2. This mindblowing phenomenon:

3. Taco Bell's best dish:

4. This horrible affliction:

5. The world's most romantic tattoo:

6. Flat Earthers coming in strong with facts:

7. This well-reasoned political post:

8. The world's worst dentist:

9. The perfect way to get those windshields clean:

10. Librarian Girl:

11. This mouthwatering dish:

12. The perfect cell phone ad:

13. This fair request:

14. Some mustard math:

15. A little sun-gazing:

16. A little more flat earth logic:

17. This great point:

18. To:

19. Computer specs:

20. The destruction of nature:

21. This OTHER great point:

22. America's proudest statistic:

23. And the fake-ass universe: