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    23 Of The Greatest Puns Of All Time

    It's just a fact: puns are the HIGHEST form of humor. There is nothing funnier, and there will never EVER be anything funnier than a pun. Maybe. Here are some of the best.

    1. Gee Willikers!

    2. Achilles Heel:

    3. Paradox:

    4. Inbred mice:

    5. Post punk:

    6. House party:

    7. Foiled your plan!

    8. Dual monitors:

    9. Meercat:

    10. Christian Bale:

    11. Irony!

    12. Pickup line:

    13. Marilyn Mansion:

    14. Mayan Apocalypse:

    15. This says it all:

    16. The new transformers trailer:


    18. Moscow:

    19. This thing drives me up a wall:

    20. French Kiss:

    21. The last straw!


    23. Jason Segal:

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