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26 People Who Are Having A Way, Way Worse Day Than You

It ain't so bad.

1. Hey, at least you didn't make this mistake:

2. And at least you didn't have to solve this crime:

3. And, hey, you're not being chased:

4. At least you aren't bathing in sunflower seeds:

5. And, hey, at least this didn't happen to you:

6. At least you know where your alarm clock is:

7. And you're not trapped:

8. And thankfully this isn't your sandwich:

9. Look at the bright side: You didn't make this mistake.

10. Or this mistake:

11. And at least this isn't your car:

12. And you didn't eat a wild corndog:

13. At least this isn't your school project:

14. And this isn't your bike:

15. And you're not living out this very ironic situation:

16. It's not so bad. I mean, this could've happened to you:

17. Or this:

18. Or, you know, this:

19. At least you didn't have this discovery:

20. Or this realization:

21. Or have this happen to you at age 12:

22. I mean, your phone is still pure:

23. Your yard doesn't look like this:

24. You didn't make this mix-up:

25. And your birthday cake isn't a hot dog bun:

26. And if none of that makes you feel better, remember: You're not Cody.

Come on, Cody.