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26 Struggles People Under The Age Of 15 Will Never Understand

This is in no way hyperbole.

1. The horror:


2. The never-ending hunt for the perfect CD:

3. The two worst words in the English language: NO DISC.

4. Or the one worst thing that could happen to your CD:

5. The dual-devices dilemma:

6. The endless search to find what you wanted:

7. The only thing you could do when the internet went down:

8. Trying to get the perfect ringtone so you could stunt on everyone:

9. Seeing this and being like, "seems about right":

10. Having to rewind movies on a tiny little TV:

11. And doing this the entire time:

12. Or having to watch two VHS tapes for one movie:

13. Or, heaven forbird, this happening:

14. The other five worst words in the English language:

15. Having to wait until 9:

16. Narrowly missing Cartoon Network and having to wait until it came back around:

17. Actually printing out and looking at physical directions:


18. Being stuck with this screen for about 20–30 minutes:

19. The T9 struggle:

20. Long drives with no light:

Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed / Via Facebook: BFF

21. Searching Limewire or Kazaa for the perfect song, only to find it's a fake:

22. Struggling to come up with the perfect song lyric:

Candace Lowry/ BuzzFeed / Via

23. Having to clean your balls:

24. Karate-chopping your ankles with a scooter every dang time:

25. The ol' manual shut-down:

26. And, of course, having a phone you didn't need to charge every 15 minutes: