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24 Pictures That Will Make You Smile Way More Than They Should

It's like magic.

1. Gentle kisses:

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2. Superhero dad:

3. The best classmate:

4. Dog goes to college:

5. World's strongest grandpa:

6. The perfect pregnancy photo shoot:

This might be my favorite picture on the internet right now lol

7. Noino ons:

8. Making an entrance:

9. Following the rules:

10. Makeshift math tutor:

11. The littlest pepper:

12. A stranger in your bed:

13. Selfie-stick reviews:

14. The perfect face-swap:

15. The trippiest treats of all time:

16. The perfect way to walk down the aisle:

17. Mom's humor:

18. The best brother:

19. Grandpa's new shirt:

20. The alpha and the omega of cat pictures:

21. Dad's gift:

22. Peepin' Tom:

23. This amateur diver:

24. Taking notes in style:

And how to win the argument: