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    19 Reasons Why There's Absolutely Zero Reason To Not Wear A Mask If You Can

    If you are physically able to wear a mask, there's no good reason not to.

    It feels like every day there's a new video of some clown freaking out at an 85-year-old Walmart greeter inside the produce aisle after being confronted about not wearing a mask.

    These people yell about how it's their "right" to not wear a mask in a store, about how "dangerous" it is to wear a mask, etc. Just spouting off a bunch of nonsense they saw in a pixelated Facebook post shared by a fake Ted Nugent account or a page called something like "Tell Governor Whitmer — The People Deserve to Own Proximity Mines!"

    Here are 19 reasons why there is absolutely no excuse for them, you, or anyone not to wear a mask if you're able to. If these folks do it, there's no reason you can't do it:


    If my 95 year old grandpa can wear a face mask without complaining so can you. #coronavirus #DonLuis


    If I can wear a mask in a 100°+ heat for 2 weeks, you can wear one while shopping


    If I can wear an FFP2 mask for a total of 13hrs with 1.5hrs out off PPE if I'm lucky, then you can wear a surgical mask to do your shopping.


    Just a reminder if I can wear my N 100 respirator with all of my PPE in 100 degee weather for hours... then you can wear a surgical mask for 30 minutes.


    If I can wear this mask five days a week , for seven weeks, whilst getting radiation in my mouth , to kill my cancer, you can wear a mask so that people like me don’t get sick and die because we’re immuno-compromised.


    If my nunu, with chronic asthma, can wear a mask whole day while climbing on a jungle gym then so can you ❤️


    If I can wear a mask for 8hrs with asthma and glasses. You can wear one for the short time you’re shopping Karen.


    If a 330lb Strongman with pre existing breathing problems can wear a mask while burying a 525lb squat... You can wear a mask for 15mins while I'm in Trader Joe's. #WearAMask #WearAMaskSaveLives


    If my one year old can wear her mask, you can wear yours Karen 😤




    If Bennett can wear a mask for a two hour doctors appointment, you could wear one for a 15 minute trip to the store. #WearAMask


    Wear a mask! If people with #cysticfibrosis and other lung conditions can, so can you! I have a lung function of 33% and can still wear a mask. I wear oxygen and can still wear a mask. How would you feel if you gave someone #COVID19 because you didn’t wear one and they died?


    This is how my uncle had to dress today to perform surgery on a Covid positive patient. His oxygen levels did not drop. He did not suffocate. If he can do this, you can wear a mask while running errands. This is not political, it’s about protecting your fellow people.


    If Clint Frazier can wear a mask while playing a Major League Baseball game, you can wear one going grocery shopping #Yankees


    Hi. I have severe asthma and have been #shielding for 14 weeks. Face masks are difficult for me. The warm, moist air can induce bronchospasm - causing coughing & breathlessness. I can be exempt from mask wearing. But I still wear one. If you’re well - #NoMasks is not an option.


    I'm 60 years old. I wear a mask for 12 hour shifts in 100+ degree heat at a mile high where the air is already thin. I remove it for three 20 minute breaks each day. If I can do it, you can too, Karen.


    if my brother with Downs and ADHD can wear a mask and knows that he’s helping others around him, you can too. and it makes him look cool 😎


    I have asthma and damage to my lungs from beating bronchitis and covid. I pass out from any sort of overheating. U can wear a mask for the safety of others or u can stay your ass in the house if you’re that high risk and have a medical condition that “won’t let you wear one”


    This is my best friend Danielle. She’s a CRNA and wears a mask at work all day, for 8+ hours a day. When she’s in the OR she wears 2. If she can wear this for 8 hours, you can wear one for 30 minutes while you’re grocery shopping. Be kind. Wear a mask. Happy Friday.

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