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How To Stop Your Phone From Autocorrecting To "Ducking" Once And For All

I'm not ducking lying.

By now you've run into it a million times.

There's nothing I hate more when I'm typing fucking and it autocorrects to ducking

Your phone autocorrecting "fucking" to "ducking" is a problem we all face.

Dear autocorrect: at no point have I ever meant "ducking."

It's the worst.

But it doesn't have to be! It's actually really easy to once and for all eradicate your biggest ducking problem from your phone.

First go to the settings on your phone. Hit the general button...

Scroll down to keyboard...

And click Add New Shortcut.

Just enter this in and all of your problems will be solved FOREVER.

It's... it's beautiful. You're finally free to cuss at anyone and everyone you want. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

Oh, and if you're on Android, never fear. Just delete the word from your dictionary. Poof, you're FREE.

Slap on some chrome pants, throw on your favorite Gary Numan album, and grab some astronaut ice cream. Welcome to the future.

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