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    19 Reasons Why Wearing A Seatbelt Is The Dumbest Thing You Can Do

    What's the point!?

    1. I mean, everyone on the road is driving safely, right?

    2. No one's EATING FROM A PAN or anything, right?

    3. Can't think of a single reason to wear a seatbelt:

    4. I got nothing:

    Facebook / Jack Delaney

    5. I mean, it's completely safe to share the road with people watching movies on their iPad and snapchatting:

    6. And people airing out their leg a bit:

    7. And I can't think of a safer place to drive than right next to someone munchin' down a G.D. bowl of cereal:

    8. Next you're going to me it's not safe to drive with people playing trumpet:

    9. Or laying down some violin:

    10. I mean, what can be safer than playing a little flute?

    11. No need for a seatbelt in a world where people PLAY DRUMS while driving:

    12. Looks safe to me:

    13. Nothing safer than laying down some licks while driving, I say:

    14. Yep, nothing screams "SAFE" to me like a guy reclining and eating pizza:

    15. Or a woman holding an empty bowl of pasta. Must've been some good bolognese!

    16. What, am I supposed to wear a seatbelt because of guys like this? He's just checking his texts!

    17. What better time to eat than when you're hitting 75 on the highway?

    18. Yep, nothing wrong with driving with a washing machine on your hood. Nothin' at all:

    19. I mean, it's just so safe out there. Why wear a seatbelt?