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24 People Who Should Never Ever Have Sex Again

"Does peeing in a girls butt present any serious health risks?"

1. The vagina accepter:

2. This guy who just wants some ANSWERS:

3. Sexfucker:

4. Ol' toaster penis:


5. This man committed to safe sex:

6. This butt-peer:

7. This jelly bean lover:

8. Pizza-butt:


9. This little babby:

10. Ol' clitada:

11. This future vampire dad:

12. Ol' egg-butt:

13. The G Spoot army:

14. Ol' plants fucker:

15. The man with the world's most powerful sperm:

16. This scientist:

17. This person with hankerin' for doritos:

18. The hole wanderer:

19. The PREcum dreamer:

20. This worried sibling:

21. The man who asked this very important question:

22. Spider-puss:

23. The proud owner of a broken titty bone:

24. And whoever wrote this ominous message:



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