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26 Things People Are Definitely Going To Forget About In 10 Years

Never forget. Well, you will anyway.

1. Looking up movie times in a real, physical newspaper:

2. Actually being surprised by hidden tracks at the end of an album:

3. Needing two tapes to watch one movie:

4. "Go to channel 3":

5. Printing out directions instead of just giving them a quick goog:

6. All the intense preparation for Y2K:

7. The trials and tribulations of T9:

8. The horrors of dial-up internet:

9. Going through a disgusting amount of burned CDs in a binder in the backseat of a car:

10. And burning CDs for very specific occasions:

11. Smashing *69 right after being prank-called and turning the tables:

12. Choosing a cell phone plan based on "free weekends":

13. And free minutes after nine:

14. Having to wait that precious one hour before you can see all your terrible pictures:

15. The horror upon seeing this screen:

16. Accidentally taping over your mom's favorite show:

17. Having your pockets full of expensive machinery:

18. Having to manually shut down to avoid tragedy:

19. Proto-Netflix:

20. The strength needed just to get the window down:

21. The risk of rewinding:

22. Choosing the perfect (often problematic) buddy icon on AIM:

23. Little mouse balls:

24. Praying for no dialogue before the song:

25. Accidentally missing the channel you wanted to check out on TV guide:

26. And what this relic once said: