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For Anyone Whose Face Is Permanently Frozen With One Expression

You know the one.

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Smiling? Frowning? That sideways emoji face? All useless. There's only one facial expression that properly conveys how people make you feel:

This one.

You've used it your entire life.

It's the appropriate response to literally everything. EVERYTHING.


"I'm married with two mortgages and a beau—"

"Do you want to watch a home video of my wisdom tooth surgery. It gets really goo—"

"I've found that the best kind of silverware is actua—"

"We should hang out someti—"


It's your default when someone texts you like four paragraphs of something insane out of nowhere:

When you're watching other people drive like they're simultaneously carrying a plentiful harvest of radishes:

Literally just 99% of the time.

"I'm throwing my dog a bat mitz—"


"My beautiful baby boy is named Nayvie-Bleu. Any ideas for a middle na—"

"Interested in joining my stool-making group? We construct stools out of rare wood."

"Hi, how are you doing today?"

It's perfect for any situation.


The only appropriate reaction.

And it's basically stuck to your face at this point.

It's a lifestyle.

And I'm not going to your dog's bat mitzvah. Mazel to her, though.
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And I'm not going to your dog's bat mitzvah. Mazel to her, though.