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    19 Incredibly Cliché Things That Happen In Literally EVERY SINGLE Movie

    Screenwriting 101 here.

    1. The bad guys drive this exact SUV:

    2. Someone takes pills like this:

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    3. A scientist sticks a pencil through a piece of paper:

    4. The hacker says "I'm in":

    5. The trailer has that one piano note:

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    6. The secret service dude has a shaved head:

    7. Wolf Blitzer tells everyone the world is ending:

    8. The edgy kid becomes not so edgy:

    9. Arguments go exactly like this:

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    10. The main character has stage fright:

    Getty / Via

    11. The big party goes exactly like this:

    Getty / Via

    12. The bully is named Hank:

    Getty / Via

    13. Something goes viral:

    Getty / Via

    14. Someone gives birth like this:

    15. The landlord is just a pastiche of like 19 different countries:

    Getty / Via

    16. Someone leaves the grocery store with these groceries:

    17. Some special forces soldier wears aviators:

    18. Fortunate Son plays:

    19. A dad delivers the perfect advice:

    And the main character puts on a hat:

    A hat hides all..

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