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28 Texts From 2014 That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

So very important.

1. I have sinned:

2. The most important thing your mom could ever send you:

3. These least conspicuous exchange of all time:

4. The ol' "change 'hi' to 'nugget' in your mom's phone" trick:

5. Grandma's wisdom:

6. The best way to have it:

7. Mom's hilarious joke:

8. Words of encouragement:

9. Toast:

10. The only way to show you care:

11. Street name:

12. The case of the never-ending cats:

13. A message from an old friend:

14. Pecan Pie:

15. Tough directions:

16. The "Acid" prank:

17. Silly potato:

18. Yes:

19. Sexting:

20. Nyoom nyoom nyoom nyoom:

21. Important Hulk questions:

22. The ol' "replace 'hey' in your mom's phone with the 'Gettysburg Address'" trick:

i changed the shortcut on Caroline's phone so whenever she types hey it changes to the Gettysburg address

23. The perfect way to respond to someone who won't text back:

24. Officer Dad:

25. Who's your daddy?

26. Your name:

27. Come over:

28. And a special surprise:

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