The 28 Most Important Lessons We Learned From "Drake And Josh"

Listen up, BROTHAAAAS!

1. Hot-dogs don’t like to get dressed up:

2. Don’t boss the delivery man around:

3. It’s pretty easy to ruin being cool:

4. Oprah kisses a lot like a golden retriever:

5. This is how all good stories start:

6. Life works in mysterious ways:

7. This is what something really important looks like:

8. Apparently they made a new one:

9. Amareeca is not a place… yet:

10. Helicopters are dangerous:

11. The opposite of a liar:

12. This is the perfect way to flirt with someone:

13. This is also a good way:

14. Some reports aren’t good enough:

15. If you need to go undercover, do it like this:

16. This is a perfectly balanced breakfast:

17. Squirrels are not the ideal way to send a message:

18. This is probably the worst thing you can ever do:

19. EMPHASIS is important for… EMPHASIS:

20. We’ll never know what came first: the bucket or the door?

21. Todd is always correct:

22. Exercising is a joke:

23. Megan has been behind every natural and man-made disaster since the beginning of time:

24. Your baby turtles WILL get even:

25. Sarcasm hurts:

26. Don’t break up with someone if they’re pregnant:

27. The ‘E’ stands for “extra fuel:”

28. And Crazy Steve is CRAZY:

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