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The 23 Most Painfully Awkward Things That Happened In 2014

Meteorologists, psychologists, and dermatologists all agree: 2014 was the most awkward year on record.

1. This guy mastering the art of the backup:

2. Riff Raff's darkest moment:

3. The world's most brutal homecoming:

4. A dove release gone terribly wrong:

5. The immortal live eye five:


6. The world's best workout tape:

7. The ultimate kiss dodge:

8. What happened to the first person who bought the new iPhone in Australia:

9. The ol' fist pump to keep from crying:

10. The tour de denial:

11. One man's quest to discover the limits of a treadmill:

12. This little boy learning about love:

13. The Shark Tank celebration disaster:

14. Bono and Diddy's forbidden romance:


16. This scene from every dance party I've ever thrown:

17. The saddest reach:

18. The world's most awkward kiss:

19. The loneliest celebration:

20. The ol' self high five:

21. This guy getting destroyed by a butt:

22. What happens when a photo shoot takes a turn for the worst:

23. And the ultimate white dude dance, forever captured on camera: