40 Pictures That Prove Human Beings Are Definitely Not Meant To Last

    Let's hope we've never done anything this dumb — but we probably have.

    1. We are always eating things we shouldn't:

    person who ate a coaster by mistake

    2. We choose to live right next door to flying projectiles:

    golf ball that was hit through a window

    3. We're always putting our heads where they don't belong:

    person stuck in a raailing

    4. Ladders are a blank canvas to us:

    unsafe ladder placement

    5. And just generally getting trapped everywhere we go:

    person who painted themselves into a corner

    6. We'll eat anything:

    7. I mean, ANYTHING:

    person who ate soap


    8. And putting other body parts where they don't belong:

    person who put a fidget spinner on their weiner

    9. WE never think things through:

    person who got burned baking cookies in a crop top

    10. We're always exacerbating the situation:

    person who locked their keys in a car

    11. We take dumb risks:

    person who got spiked by a porcupine

    12. We are constantly losing to the sun:

    person who says sunscreen is poisonous

    13. Many of us are still figuring out this whole reproduction thing:

    person says they only have sex at night because the sperm are asleep

    14. We have no idea how to handle cooking:

    person who melted a spatula on a pan

    15. We... do this:

    person who is worried showering will drown their unborn baby

    16. Everything is food to us:

    person eating a plant and sayiing its a corn dog

    17. Do dumb activities:

    person who crashed eating spaghetti while driviing

    18. And fall through dumb things:

    person who fell through a roof

    19. We're drinking paint!

    20. We'll believe anything:

    person who put sandpaper on their windshield wiperrs

    21. No matter how unsafe it sounds:

    person who blew up their micirowave by putting penniies in

    22. We can't help but put dangerous things in our mouths:

    person who got a bunch of stuff caught in their teeth

    23. We have no idea how to stay healthy:

    person who says they're going to inject themselves with disinfectant

    24. We make changes that don't need to happen:

    person with smooth tires

    25. We are powerless to things that look like chocolate:

    person who ate wax chocolate

    26. We are a little too eager to play with mysterious substances:

    perrson playing with poisonous material

    27. We confuse syrup and sanitizer:

    person who confused syrup and hand sanitizer

    28. It takes us three slices to recognize mold:

    person who ate mold

    29. Everything is dangerous to us:

    person who burned themselves on a penny

    30. Speakers...

    person who got stuck in a speaker

    31. Roofs:

    person who got stuck on a roof

    32. Walls:

    person who got stuck in a chipotle

    33. I mean, come on:

    person eating raw meat

    34. We have zero money management skills:

    person who lost a lot of money on doge coin

    35. Or perform basic human duties:

    person who ate the shells on hard boiled eggs

    36. We constantly get caught in bad situations:

    person who got stuck downstairs after their painted the stairs

    37. Or difficult situations:

    person who got stuck in a door

    38. And we're very, very slow to react:

    person who set their toaster on fire

    39. None of us can read:

    person who used rash cream instead of toothpaste

    40. I give humans 10 more years, tops.

    person who used motor oil to fry food