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    50 People Who Definitely Regret Literally Every Tiny Decision They Made This Month

    Not great, Bob.

    Sometimes one tiny, little thing can ruin your day. Take for example...

    1. The person who is no longer the owner of their car:

    2. The person who experienced the true definition of a bad time:

    3. The person who, unless they are a certain rectangular yellow sponge by the name of Bob, is going to be very disappointed:

    4. The person who has never made a better purchase than this waterproof pouch:

    5. The person who should be able to straighten that baby right out:

    6. The person who will just have to use their hands now:

    7. The person who cooked their delicious meal juuuuust right:

    8. The person whose coffee went absolutely nuclear all over their beautiful retro kitchen:

    9. The person who must have made some very powerful birds very angry:

    10. The person who will now have a personal vendetta against a squirrel:

    11. The extremely lucky person who gets to watch a movie and the SAME TIME!

    12. The person who got a very nice and very free new paint job:

    13. The person who will have a lot of explaining to do:

    14. The person who figured out how to get the car wash to speed-clean the inside of their car too:

    15. The person whose plate shattered beyond the limits of how any plate should conceivably smash:

    16. The person who likes their food extra salty:

    And also is about to dip their shirt in their ketchup there. Yeesh!

    17. The person who is eatin' gooooood tonight:

    18. The person who has most certainly angered some long dormant ancient pet spirits:

    19. The person who let their sunglasses have a little fresh air:

    20. The person who just wanted a little extra flavoring for their spaghetti:

    21. The person who must have angered the great and powerful Grocery Store Gods:

    22. The person who created the world's first lemony chocolate chip cookie:

    23. The person who loves their cat very much, I'm sure:

    24. The person whose water fountain is apparently linked up to the Bowman Company Coal Mine:

    25. The person who spent their life savings for the world's saddest sandwich:

    26. The person who is now driving in BBQ:

    27. Ol' OJ Pants:

    28. The person who recalled this whole dang jar into their big ol' craw:

    29. The person who will now have to move their living room to the front door:

    30. The person who got the brand-new air-filled donut:

    31. Tommy Two Shoes:

    32. The person who made a nice, new wrinkly friend:

    33. The person who just made a new lil' critter friend:

    34. The person whose coffee was just a bit stinky:

    35. The person who got a little carried away fishing with their truck: