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26 Conversations Literally Everyone Has Had With Their Mom

All moms are the same.

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Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

1. The "Can I Borrow Some Money?" talk:

2. The "But You Don't Understand" talk:

3. The "I WAS JUST JOKING!" talk:

4. The "Where's My Letter?" talk:

5. The "MOM! I have a question" talk:

6. The "Who Could Have Done Such a Thing" talk:

7. The "Need Some Help?" talk:

8. The "But...It's Still in the Oven" talk:

9. The "I Have Bad News" talk:

10. The "Two Minutes Ago You Were Just Saying" talk:

11. The "Don't Do This" talk:

12. The "Can We Get McDonald's?" talk:

13. The "Does It Look Good?" talk:

14. The "Why Are You Looking at Me Like That?" talk:

15. The "I Need Some Money for Lunch" talk:

16. The "WHERE ARE YOU" talk:

17. The "OK OK OK OK OK OK" talk:

18. The "WHAT?" talk:

19. The "Get the Groceries" talk:

20. The "I'm Just Gonna Stand Here" talk:

21. The "We Almost Got Arres—" talk:

22. The "I Totally Forgot to Take the Chicken Out" talk:

23. The "I HAVE MY SEATBELT ON!" talk:

24. The "I'M GOING OUT!" talk:

25. The "Just Woke Up" talk:

26. And the "K" talk:

Only moms can "K."

Only moms can "K."

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