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    33 Artifacts From The Ruins Of An Ancient Civilization

    Who were these strange, strange people?

    1. What could have possibly gone on in this building in the Before Time?

    2. Or this building?

    3. Was this some sort of temple?

    4. Were these used for some strange mating ritual?

    5. Did they use these cards as currency?

    6. What do these strange letters mean?

    7. Is this a map of their ancient towns?

    8. Is this what the kings and queens used to prove their status?

    9. Is this what their night sky looked like?

    10. What significance does this building hold?

    11. What will these eggs hatch into?

    12. Was this how they transported themselves?

    13. Did they use this as currency?

    14. Was this part of their alphabet?

    15. Or is this how they communicated?

    16. What sort of demonry is this?

    17. Were these used for special feasts?

    18. What could this machine have done? What trail did it traverse?

    19. Is this some sort of ancient code of laws?

    20. How did they use these strange machines?

    21. What did they use this strange slide for?

    22. Did they worship this CD?

    23. What could have possibly gone on in this building?

    24. Did they use this ball for sports?

    25. Are these the tales their elders passed down?

    26. What could this device have possibly been used for?

    27. Was this the town hall?

    28. Was this some form of ancient space program?

    29. Did they believe in the occult?

    30. What does this strange number mean?

    31. Eject what?

    32. What did this strange machine do?

    33. Did they use this to see into the future?