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    24 Absolutely Perfect Ways For Millennials To Explain How Old They Are

    I'm THIS old.

    1. "Tapped Like 17 Numbers Just To Say "Hello" Through T9" years old:

    Meme of a phone using T9 texting service

    2. "Had To Go To A Designated ROOM To Use The Computer" years old

    Tweet reading "there was a computer room in my house" in response to a question about how old someone is

    3. "I Know Exactly The Relationship Between All These Things" years old:

    A CD, Sharpie, LimeWire logo, and a Dell desktop computer

    4. "Video Games Only Worked On Channel 3" years old:

    TV showing channel 3

    5. "Had To Wait Until 9 p.m. To Be Able To Talk On The Phone" years old:

    Person looking at a phone

    6. "Played Gameboy With A Flashlight In The Back Of A Car" years old:

    A Gameboy with a flashlight illuminating the screen

    7. "Waited Like 10 Days Before Actually Seeing A Picture" years old:

    Meme reading, "Kids today will never know what it was like to take tons of pictures and have to wait a week to find out they were useless"

    8. "Carried My Entire Music Collection In A Giant Binder" years old:

    CD binders

    9. "Waited 3–5 Business Days For Netflix DVDs" years old:

    Netflix DVD

    10. "Had To Choose Between The Phone And The Internet" years old:

    Meme reading, "Get off the internet. I need to use the phone"

    11. "Had To Physically Look Through A Minuscule Little Hole To Take A Picture" years old:

    Woman taking a picture on a digital camera

    12. "Broke Land Speed Records Running Back To The Couch" years old:

    Tweet reading, "I feel sorry for Netflix kids. They will never know the high stakes of running to the bathroom in a single ad break with the beckoning call of sibling screaming 'It's on' to send you hurdling over furniture to get back in time"

    13. "Had To Carry Like 15 Pounds Of Technology" years old:

    Ipod mini and a razr phone

    14. "Had To Manually Close The Windows" years old:

    Rolling window

    15. "Had To Physically Print Out Directions Just To Drive Anywhere" years old:

    MapQuest directions

    16. "Had To Look Up Movie Times In A Newspaper" years old:

    Newspaper movie times

    17. "Spent Half My Life Watching One File Download" years old:

    Download time with 4,000 years left

    18. "Played This Medieval Ring Contraption" years old:

    Waterful ring toss game

    19. "Had To Watch A Separate Channel Just To See What Was On TV" years old:

    TV guide channel

    20. "Got A Hand Full Of Splinters On The Playground" years old:

    Playground made out of wood

    21. "Waited All Day To Listen To One Song" years old:

    tweet reading some of you never had to wait 8 hours for one limp bizkit song to download and it shows

    22. "Wrote Down Everyone's Phone Number On A Piece Of Paper" years old:

    Paper with a bunch of numbers written on them

    23. "Had Hearing Loss From A Computer" years old:

    Tumblr post reading, "Do you remember how loud computers used to be. Like you'd put a floppy in there and it was just fucking scream"

    24. And "Didn't Have To Charge My Phone Every Two Hours" years old:

    Meme of a phone at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. and the battery only goes down 1%
    Twitter: @TrxllStar

    Wait...that's actually good.

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