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    18 Tweets That Prove Why No One Can Ever Give Millennials Crap Again

    And some of us aren't even 30.


    Millennials have lived through a major terrorist attack, two wars, two recessions, and a global pandemic, and we're only in our 30's.


    We as Millennials may come off as soft and entitled, but no modern generation has seen as many terrorism attacks, wars, plagues, poverty, cybercrimes, or anything like that like we have. We’re caught in the middle all the time


    Kind of amazed at how numb my fellow Millennials have become to catastrophe, but then we're overworked, underpaid, and living through however many Forever Wars have been going on since the last major crisis we collectively experienced, 9/11.


    Millennials living through their 2nd “once in a generation” economic collapse


    For millennials: “Welcome to your teenage years! Here’s a global terrorism event to define your adolescence!” “Welcome to adulthood! Here’s a global recession!” “Welcome to parenthood! Here’s a global pandemic!” don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m terrified of middle age


    People wonder why millennials aren’t buying homes or diamonds or whatever, but I’m not even 30 yet and this is like the 3rd recession in my lifetime. Lmao. #recession


    I was a senior in hs during the Great Recession and it completely altered the trajectory of my future. And now, before I’m even 30 I’m going to have my future completely altered yet again and it’s not for the better. And boomers really wonder why millennials are angry.


    90s babies have been through a global pandemic, 9/11, 2016 presidential election, iHop randomly changing its name for a few weeks, 2008-2009 recession, Brexit, and a Cubs World Series. We’ve seen it all.


    Y’all millennials have been THROUGH It. The world has unraveled 3 times in our life time and half of us aren’t even 30 😂


    Between O.J. Simpson, 9/11, The Wars in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, the Flint water crisis, and Miss Rona? Millennials really gone have some dope stories to tell they grandkids.


    Mass shootings, 9/11, two wars, a Great Recession, and now a pandemic. Millennials have lived through too many history book chapters in our relatively young lives for you guys to give us crap again.


    I think 90s babies should be respected like elders now we been through too much shit and haven’t hit 30 yet


    Hot take: If 20 formative years of your life involve a major terrorist attack, two recessions, exorbitantly expensive and unnecessary wars, tangibly worsening inequality, climate emergencies, and incompetence during a global pandemic, it might make you think things aren't good.


    I hope all millennials can get free access to therapy. We have lived through, remembered and been a part of so many life changing, anxiety inducing situations before most of us even turn 30. Like half of this stuff just seems normal now and that desensitization is not okay.


    Ay, bro idgaf what anyone says about Millennials! We are probably the most toughest generation ever! We had to go through the Y2K scare, 9/11, the supposed anthrax in our Halloween candies, the Great Recession, Zika, Ebola, and now the Coronavirus. We been through some thangs!!


    Millennials have now been through 4 major bear markets in our lifetime since adolescence. My punch card says we go through 1 more and we get a free sundae.


    Millennials been going through it. We had to overcome a financial crisis, student loan debt and inflated cost of living. Now we in another financial crisis + a pandemic. What did we do to you @god


    If you reach 2020 and you were born between 1991 - 1999. You’ve lived in 3 different decades, 2 different centuries and 2 different millennia’s and you’re not even 30 yet.

    It's felt like 35 decades.

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