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22 Things All Millennials Grew Up With That Gen Z Has ZERO Clue About

This hurts.

1. Burning CDs:

2. Floppy discs:

3. Downloading music:

4. VHS tapes:

5. Overhead projectors:

6. MySpace:

7. Why we say "roll the window down":

8. Pencil sharpeners:

9. Pound signs:

10. Film:

11. NSYNC:


12. Tapes:

13. Gameboys:

14. The struggle of trying to figure out which wire went where:

15. Steve Irwin:

16. Neopets:

17. Trix shaped like fruit:

18. Nintendo 64:

19. Why we say "hang up":

20. The Titanic:

Twitter: @ShortGazelle

Okay, Gen Z probably know about the Titanic. I mean, definitely. Sorry!

21. iPods:

22. To sum it up...

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