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Sorry, Millennials, But There's No Way You Will Be Able To Pass This Quiz

It's the truth.

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  1. Where did this come from?
  2. These used to be found in every car. What were they for?

  3. What did these do?
  4. What would you use this for?

    Twitter: @KingJamesofDfs
  5. What's this?

    Twitter: @olddriver55
  6. What were these dividers used for?
  7. What did this do?

    Twitter: @EuroCarParts
  8. What are these?

    Twitter: @Mr_Mike_Clarke
  9. And this?
  10. What's this thing?
  11. What's this?

    Twitter: @novarlynx
  12. What's this thing?
  13. And what's this thing?
  14. What is this?
  15. What's inside this case?

    Twitter: @fras99
  16. What's the relationship of the first item to the second?

    Facebook: R-K-Home-Improvement
  17. What did this do?
  18. What are these?

    Twitter: @no_silenced
  19. What's this?
  20. And you know what this is?

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