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    100 Extremely Specific Things From Their Childhood Millennials Definitely Forgot About

    Those were the days.


    1. The feeling of holding that orange tape and knowing you were in for a treat:

    orange vhs tape

    2. The amazing smell of a freshly opened can of Play-Doh:

    3. Those cardboard blocks you built architectural wonders with:

    4. Those old soda logos on a vending machine:

    old school vending machine

    5. The sticky, vinyl-y surface of these lawn chairs:

    6. These sweet aromas:

    7. The commercial that played all day long on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network:

    zoo books commercial

    "Scientifically accurate illustrations!"

    8. Those multicolored cups:

    old school sippy cups

    9. How futuristic see-through designs used to seem:

    see-through products

    10. The cups everyone had at least one of:

    disney cups

    11. Seeing the world in Ruler-Vision:

    ruler held up to eyes to see the world through it

    12. A little toilet paper ice cream:

    13. Delicious, star-shaped toothpaste:

    star-shaped toothpaste

    14. Drawing hair exactly like this:

    15. Wooden playgrounds full of bees and splinters:

    wooden playground

    16. Pouring out some cereal and getting a dusty lil' prize:

    prize inside a cereal box

    17. That unmistakable crayon smell:


    18. These tongue destroyers:


    19. Walking into Blockbuster and feeling the endless possibilities:

    blockbuster aisle

    20. Setting the TV to channel 3 just to watch movies:

    static filled channel 3

    21. Making the perfect mix:

    burned cd

    22. That one ball:

    purple inflatable ball

    23. Infinite water fountain knowledge:

    tweet reading if you ever drank water from these and it started vibrating and shaking hard you already knew that water was about to be cold

    24. Your first experience with gambling:

    please play again bottle cap from a soda

    25. Playing video games on the greasiest controllers in the universe:

    mcdonalds gaming kiosk

    26. The only map you'd ever need:

    rug map

    27. These erasers that looked great but really didn't erase at all:

    erasers designed to look like fruit

    28. Those ol' crinkly insides of a VHS tape case:

    VHS tape case

    29. Getting change from this exact machine:

    change machine

    30. Clipping your mouth shut for some reason:

    clip on a mouth

    31. The cause of your very first cavity:

    Caramel apple pops

    32. That field trip air:

    tweet reading the air in the mornings of field trips used to hit different

    33. That mystical "ball room" in the back of every elementary school gym:

    Truly a magical place.

    34. The original foil packaging that Kit Kats came in:

    35. The pungent smell of pencil shavings in the morning:

    36. Seeing this logo right after you watched your favorite show:


    37. Pierre Escargot teaching you French:


    38. That big, slightly unnerving head from Figure It Out:


    39. Those plastic baskets that strawberries used to come in:

    Not to mention making Easter baskets out of them after you ate all the berries:

    40. Getting one of these Life Savers books in your Christmas stocking:

    41. Seeing this before a movie and knowing you were in for a treat:

    42. The yellowy inside of an old Subway:

    43. The commercial that will never get out of your head:

    head on commercial
    Twitter: @608thad

    "Apply directly to the forehead."

    44. That one bowl everyone had for some reason:

    45. Running away from wasps on these playgrounds:

    46. The greatest flashlight:

    47. Those speakers that never quite worked right:

    48. That dish that made everything taste better:

    old casserole dish

    49. Stabbing the life out of an eraser:

    50. Clamping one of these on your finger:

    butterfly clip on a finger

    51. The start of it all:

    tweet reading this is when my lying started with a reading log

    52. What the original Netflix looked like:

    tweet about the original netflix being a dvd case

    53. Sweet, delicious Dunkaroos:


    54. The book everyone has read:

    hatchet the book

    55. Getting a "smoking" habit:

    fake smoking with cold air

    56. These bingo chips that were a staple of every classroom:

    57. Taking your brain on a little quest:

    brainquest questions

    58. The way yellow Wendy's boxes just hit different:

    59. The tastiest ice cream:

    vanilla ice cream

    60. Playing catch with these for two minutes before the ball stopped sticking:

    velcro catching game

    61. The original engagement ring:

    wooden box with a bug in it

    62. Pouring yourself a "shot":

    water bottle pouring into a cap

    63. The two VHS tape struggle:

    2 vhs tape setup of titanic

    64. Those fake doll cherries:

    fake doll cherries

    65. Waiting days for your pictures to develop, only to find out they were all of your thumb:

    disposable camera

    66. The loudest sound known to humanity:

    coming soon to own on dvd screen

    67. Spending way too much time on this game:

    waterful ring toss game

    68. The best day at school, Parachute Day:

    One of my favorite childhood memories. Anyone else remember this?

    Twitter: @wbny

    69. That sticky, plasticky furniture you wanted, for whatever reason:

    plastic furniture

    70. The original fidget spinner:

    bird balanced on a finger

    71. All those foods that destroyed your teeth, but man, oh man, were they worth it:

    sugary childhood candies

    72. That one shampoo commercial with the swimming bottles:


    73. The most stylin' pair of skates in the world:

    plastic skates

    74. Reading the lyrics and being amazed:

    lyric book

    75. The entire galaxy in your bedroom:

    stickable glow in the dark stars

    76. Pinball...IN SPACE:

    pc pinball game

    77. Your first car:

    plastic bug car

    78. The commercial that taught you what the true meaning of "hot" is:

    sears commercial

    "It's so hot."

    79. The reason you're an artistic genius:

    art kit

    80. And the greatest pens in the world...milky pens:

    milky pens

    Can't forget gel pens, too.

    81. This literary classic:

    rainbown fish book

    82. The devastation of losing the top:

    detatcchable pen parts

    83. The incredible combination of stamps and markers...STAMP MARKERS:

    stamp markers

    84. The best lunchtime snack:

    cosmic brownie

    85. Your first pet (and also the first thing you killed):


    86. The nonautomatic struggle:

    car window roller

    87. Delicious, delicious medicine:


    88. Living a healthy lifestyle:

    flinstones vitimins

    89. The only thing worse than stepping on a Lego:

    butterfly clips

    Well, maybe not.

    90. The commercial that changed the abbreviation game forever:

    i dk my bff jill commercial

    "IDK, my BFF Jill."

    91. The original iPad:

    etch a sketch

    92. Trying to achieve the impossible:

    3 color pen

    93. All the CLASSICS:

    vhs tapes

    94. The other best day at school:

    old tv on wheels

    95. That ancient alarm clock that just appeared in old people's bedrooms:

    old school arm clock

    96. Tiny, tiny homes:

    polly pocket

    97. That one iced tea commercial:

    nestea skeleton drinking iced tea

    98. The essential sun drawn in the corner of every picture:

    sun drawn in the corner of a page

    99. The Handy Dandy notebook:

    handy dandy notebook

    100. And your first cellphone experience:

    nokai phone
    Twitter: @TrxllStar

    The battery lasted FOREVER.