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32 Pictures That Are So Middle School They Hurt

If we do not cherish the mems, then we are doomed to repeat them.

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1. Converse with lyrics written all over them...

2. And jeans with even more random shit written all over them:

3. Those shorts...THOSE SHORTS:

4. Those big chunky shoes everyone had for some reason:

5. And those chunky-ass belts:

6. Fine, fine jewelry:

7. That one kid who thought gum was a GAME:

8. And that one kid who was always doing this:

9. The foolproof way to predict your future:

10. Pretty much everyone's music collection:

11. The most extreme sport known to man:

12. The OG memes:

13. The best day in math class:

14. Duct tape many duct tape wallets:

15. And those wild, super aggressive Converse people waltzed around in:

16. The makeup everyone had:

17. Middle school crushes in a nutshell:

18. The original "you got games on your phone?"

19. The sheer awkwardness of middle school dances:

Found this gem today. #middleschoolproblems

20. And, oh lord, middle school relationships:

21. The myth everyone SWORE was true:

22. The sheer ecstasy of book fair day:

23. Those forever temporary buildings:

24. The original AUX cord:

25. That one kid:

26. The eraser that held all the answers:

27. The best damn pencil there ever was:

28. That pungent, pungent smell:

29. Those orange covers:

30. All those photo-ops:

31. The saddest day of your life, the day your bracelet broke:

32. To sum it all up:

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