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If You Were Born Before 1999, This List Is Your Entire Childhood

So many mems, so little time.

1. Sweet, beautiful Dunkaroos:

2. The original fidget spinner:

3. The devastation:

4. That sticky, plasticky furniture you wanted for whatever reason:

5. The feeling of holding that orange tape and knowing you were in for a treat:

6. The two best days in gym class:

Even though those scooters pretty much just existed to destroy your fingers.

7. The anticipation:

8. The loudest sound known to man:

9. All those foods that destroyed your teeth but man, oh man, were they worth it:

10. The most stylin' pair of skates in the world:

11. Markers and stamps together for the first time... STAMP MARKERS:

12. The reason you're an artistic genius:

13. And the greatest pens in the world...milky pens:

Can't forget gel pens, too.

14. Brownies from another universe:

15. Disney cups, the only cups worth drinking liquid from:

16. The glory that was coming home from school:

17. Predicting your future with almost 100% accuracy:

18. Your first pet (and also the first thing you killed):

19. The lie that was anti-skip:

20. The only map you'll ever need:

21. Entertaining yourself with these cheap plastic things for hours:

22. The non-automatic struggle:

23. The only thing worse than stepping on a Lego:

Well, maybe not.

24. The Sophie's Choice of slides:

25. Delicious, delicious medicine:

26. Trying to achieve the impossible:

27. Living a healthy lifestyle:


29. The original iPad:

30. The best days at school:

31. The most functional bowl in the world:

32. All the CLASSICS:

33. This literary classic:

34. That one Playskool flashlight with the green and red lights:

35. The squad:

36. Tiny, tiny homes:

37. Seeing the commercial for Zoobooks about once every 30 minutes:

38. The saddest moments of your childhood:


39. Fruit...IN ROLLED-UP FORM:

40. A little Elmer's going a long, long way:

41. Consulting the eraser:

42. The dynamic duo, Prometheus and Bob:

43. The agony and the ecstasy of book fairs:

44. Dying of cholera on this lil' puppy:

45. And your first cell phone experience:

Twitter: @TrxllStar

The battery lasted FOREVER.

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