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    30 Things That Have Been Buried In The Deepest Recesses Of Your Brain For The Last 15 Years

    Memory overload.


    1. Feeding a baby with this never-ending jar of cherries:

    2. Being terrified of this monstrosity of a cereal mascot:

    3. Waking up in the middle of the night to see this infomercial on:

    The GAZELLE.

    4. Watching this cartoon as a very young child:

    5. Battling bugs and weeds for superiority inside this sandbox:

    6. Losing a tooth and putting it inside a treasure chest:

    7. The sweet smells of a crayon box:

    8. That one Campbell's soup commercial with the melting snowman:


    9. Getting your fingers snapped in a wooden snake:

    10. Made-for-TV art supplies that seemed like magic:

    11. Repair Man-man-man-man-man:


    12. Drinking out of slightly unnerving Disney mugs:

    13. Every single jingle the Free Credit Report guys did:

    14. Fights to the death with this flimsy sword:

    15. Seriously considering asking Jeeves:

    16. Baby's first engagement ring:

    17. Mr. Dink, the world's greatest neighbor:


    18. The spookiest screensaver out there:


    19. That other slightly unnerving thing, the dancing Six Flags old man:

    Six Flags

    20. Those little tiny juice glasses:

    21. Getting a computer out of one of these cow boxes:

    22. Those Power Ranger toys that changed heads:

    23. Eating bone candy:

    24. Having epic battles in this here castle:

    25. That very strange berries and cream Starburst commercial:

    26. Transforming food toys:

    27. Action League Now! aka the original Avengers:


    28. A show called Lloyd In Space:


    29. Peeling and eating these delicious but very artificial treats:

    30. And finally, sweet, sweet stamp markers: