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24 Pictures That Are Way Funnier Than They Should Be

What gives them THE RIGHT?!

1. These knockoff Doritos:

2. And these fake, slightly suggestive Oreos:

3. The world's most dangerous baking soda:

4. The lovable tale of a mouse chef:

5. Godzilla's less inspiring cousin:

6. Everyone's favorite state:

7. Nickelodeon's iconic character Sandwich Boy:

8. Hamburger Helper's weird Aunt Pan:

9. Robots in disguise:

10. The hottest fashion:

11. Sharpie's unfortunate friend Skerple:

12. Everyone's favorite game:

13. The funniest person who's definitely not a potato:

14. Aladdin's fever dream:

15. Baet Simpson:


16. This very, very useful tool:

17. The world's favorite robotic — wait — Robert Cop:

18. Jordans with a lit'ral ass crack:

19. Oreo's cousin that never wants to go out:

20. Everyone's favorite heroes...the Pubescent Frogs:

21. Or, actually, the Ninja Tortoise:

22. Fun for the whole family:


24. And, of course, "butter":


Could it...


Isn't it?

I remember...



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