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21 Memes About Going To Sleep That Are So Damn Real

Every. Damn. Night.

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1. It always starts with nightly calculations:

2. And a little bit of creative thinking:

3. There's those peaceful nighttime thoughts:

4. Unexplainable cricket legs:

5. And the most important minute of the day:

6. There's that glorious moment:

7. True relief:

8. And the mad dash to not lose any tired:

Twitter: @MythManny / Via Getty

9. There's the only way to TRULY know:

10. There's the walk of faith:

11. Casually setting the alarm:

12. Making sure that DAMN DOOR IS CLOSED:

13. And, of course, the ol' switcheroo:

14. But, you know, this always happens anyway:

15. There's the happiest moment in human existence:

16. And the worst moment in human existence:

17. There's WOTER:

18. The tried and true method:

19. Those long, painful minutes:

20. Suspicious sleeps:

21. And, finally, waking up everyone morning looking like this:

Every time.
Twitter: @samkalidi

Every time.

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