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23 Pictures That Are Too Real If You Have A Brain That You Can Literally Never, Ever Turn Off

Sorry, it's my brain.

Overthinking: it happens all the time in the most mundane situations.

1. On Zoom:

anxious me with the mic on mute still thinking everybody can hear me

Twitter: @Sickky19

2. While doing robot security checks:

Twitter: @uwaiis__

3. While having a casual conversation:


4. While grocery shopping:

That be me from socialanxiety

5. Before making a phone call:

Twitter: @_sarcastic_boys

6. While having a simple conversation:

Aye, contact sucks from socialanxiety

7. Immediately after leaving the house:

*3 seconds after locking the door* Me: Did I lock the door? Brain:

Twitter: @allisenpai_

8. When you're up way too high with your phone:

Anxiety™ from memes

9. While reading:

Me📖irl from meirl

10. In bed:

11. While literally just walking:

12. At 3 AM:

Thanks brain, very cool from socialanxiety

13. While listening to music:

Checking to see if those weird sounds apart of the music or not.

Twitter: @__FaultInMystar

14. Literally just texting:

15. After feeling any sort of physical sensation:

16. Before going on a trip:

17. After a dream:

me_irl from me_irl

18. While trying to answer a question:

19. Before attendance:

Plus thinking about how you sounded afterwards from socialanxiety

20. As a kid:

21. While leaving a store:

22. Out of the blue:

23. Literally doing anything:

Its like, your body forgets how to do anything and you lose all confidence... from socialanxiety

In conclusion:

I hate anxiety, I wish I never had it from memes

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