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    If None Of These "Game Of Thrones" Memes Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

    The cream o' the crop.

    1. On the Night King's origin story:

    Beyond the wall Olympics 2017 #GameOfThrones

    2. On phone pranks:

    -Hello, who´s this? -Ben -Ben who? -Ben D. Knee

    3. On Lady O's big reveal:

    "Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me."

    4. On Jon Snow's general way of being:

    When you have a chance to party with Khaleesi and her bff but you can't stop thinking about the white walkers

    5. On the best fan theory out there:

    The R+L=J Theory is SO last season... #GameOfThrones #GoTS7

    6. On lost objects:

    7. On how Dany got her name:

    8. On Bran's emotions:

    9. On why the Night King is taking his sweet time:

    10. On Bran being THAT guy:

    11. On old flames:

    Your face when you meet her ex #gameofthrones


    hate when people say "omg daenerys is so thirsty for power i can't stand her" it's fucking game of thrones not game of politeness harold

    13. On budget difficulties:

    14. On Dickon's big mistake:

    When you’re level 2 and accidentally wander into a level 50 area. #GameOfThrones #ThronesYall

    15. On bending:

    16. On catching the siblings up to speed:

    Arya: we have a lot to catch up on. How's your life been Sansa: trash, you? Arya: same [awkward silence] Sansa: btw Bran is nuts now

    17. On what that note reaaaally said:

    Littlefinger's always creeping 😂 #GameOfThrones

    18. On The Hound RUINING EVERYTHING:

    19. On curing Jorah:

    20. On me now vs me then:

    Me when I first started watching #GameofThrones vs Me now...

    21. On Sansa's inner-monologue:

    #GameofThrones Jon: I died and came back to life. Bran: Caw caw I'm a bird. Arya: I'm a magical assassin. Sansa:

    22. On ZOMBIE BEARS:

    23. On cave drawings:

    24. On Gendry's calves of STEEL:

    25. On Bran's infinite knowledge:

    bran: i literally know everything. sam: rhaegar got an annulment and married lyanna. bran: #GameOfThrones

    26. On how we all fault after we lost our baby lizard:

    Watching episode 6 like... #GameofThrones

    27. On Bran, in general:

    Jon: Help Sansa: Help Arya: Help Bran:

    28. On how everything is happening SO FAST:

    If any of you were wondering how Danny got the news so quick #GameOfThrones

    29. On transportation:

    Last season it took 5 episodes to travel in Westeros now all we do is blink and they're at their destination…

    30. On Davos' erectile disfunction:

    31. On Jaime's anger:

    When Lady Olenna told Jaime that she killed his son

    32. On murder:

    33. On Lady O, again:

    34. On knees, and bending them:

    35. And on how we're all feeling now:

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