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19 People Who I Know For A Fact Regret Literally Every Single Decision They Made Last Week

Things you never want to see: that right there.

Folks, sometimes things just don't go your way. Take for example...

1. The person with the driest pasta I have ever laid my eyes on:

2. The person who got hooked like a bath towel like a dang halibut:

3. The person who found probably one of the worst notes you can get inside their hotel room:

4. The person who ordered a cheese (singular) burger:

5. The person who likes their brisket extra crispy, thankfully:

6. The person whose houseguest loves to keep up their dental hygiene:

7. The person whose candle absolutely erupted all over their television:

8. The person who just harvested this absolutely massive watermelon:

9. The person who bought a brand new iPh          one:

10. The person who might have created a new life-form after leaving this in their car:

11. The person who gets the pleasure of seeing their roommate crunch on into a stick of butter like some kind of beast:

12. The two people who have probably the worst Scrabble luck I have ever seen:

13. The person who had this extremely tragic series of events happen to them:

14. The person whose best lasagna day plans were foiled by none other than, like, 200 bugs:

15. The person who had this tragedy happen to them:

16. The person who was kind enough to give their computer a little pep:

17. The person whose new PC just has some minor scratches on it after being delivered:

18. The person who is for sure getting all their essential vitamins and minerals after finding this in their takeout:

19. The person who is now, for the foreseeable future, livin' on BUG TIME:

Folks, you don't wanna be on BUG TIME.