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Sorry Millennials, But If You Do Any Of These Things You're Officially Old According To Gen Z

No lies detected.

If you...

1. Owned VHS tapes:

My little cousin called me old because I used to have VHS tapes and cassette tapes.............................

2. Were born in the '90s:

my cousin just called me old because i was born in the ‘90s 😒

3. Or the 1900s???

A child just called me old because “You were born way back in the 1900s”. So congrats everyone. If you were born before 2000, you’re now considered old🤪😂

4. Had a MySpace:

i just got called old for having a myspace when i was younger..... BITCH WHAT

picture of myspace notifications

5. Left a voicemail, like, ever:

Yesterday at work a girl told me I was old because I emailed people. Today my son called me old because I left a voicemail. 😳😳

6. Had CDs in your car:

My students called me old because I still listen to CD’s in the car 🥴

a man looking through a big CD binder

7. Saw Spy Kids in theaters:

My kids called me old because I told them that I saw Spy Kids in theaters.

8. Ate Dunkaroos:

My baby cousin called me old. She said cuz I used to eat Dunk-a-Roos! 😩

9. Had a portable CD player:

Today the kids I babysit called me old because I told them I used to have a portable CD player

10. Owned an iPod:

I found out i was old today when my daughter called me old for owning an iPod which apparently is obsolete 😂😂😂

a flip phone and an ipod next to each other

11. Knew Barney:

one of my student's mom thinks I'm old because I grew up when Barney was popular

12. Yelled "KOBE!" while shooting something into a trash can:

One of my new coworkers called me "old" today because when I threw something in a trash can, I said "Kobe!"

13. Were alive when "Twilight" came out:

tumblr post reading a few weeks ago a teenager called me grandma because i remember when the first twilight film came out

14. Used headphones with wires:

My 9 yearold cousin just called me old because i have "headphones with wires on them" did that actually just happen

15. Used GIFs:

This kid called me old for using gifs ☹️ I’m only 22 ☹️☹️☹️

16. Listened to the Lil' duo:

My coworker just told me I’m old because i know lil bow wow and lil romeo 😐

Lil Romeo album cover

17. Know one (1) Queen song:

A kid at tutoring called me old because I knew a Queen song 😩

18. Remember when YouTube didn't have ads:

i told a kid i remembered a time before youtube had ads, and he called me old

old layout of youtube

19. Use stamps???

My husband called me old because I have a check book and stamps in my wallet.. 🤦🏻‍♀️

20. Listened to the Jonas Brothers:

I played a song guessing game for my students today and they called me old because I played frank ocean and the Jonas brothers 🥺🥺

21. Or played outside:

A ten year old just told me I’m old because I used to play outside

Then congrats! You're apparently old now.


My kid just called me old cause I had chalkboard when I was young instead of smartboard 😭

Twitter: @odd_ballx3


My cousin said I’m old because I use the 😂 emoji ???? I thought just using emojis made me cool lol

Twitter: @john__nhoj


My sister called me old because I listen to Celine Dion wtf 😂

Twitter: @_IvyyAyleen


My boyfriend just called me old because I said "Be kind, Rewind."

Twitter: @girlsolititsamy