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    21 Pictures That Prove Fidget Spinners Need To Be Stopped Immediately


    1. First off, there's actual, real-live fidget spinner porn:

    2. Like, a lot of it:

    3. A LOT.

    4. People are in danger:

    5. They're writing poems:

    6. They're falling in love:

    7. And getting engaged:

    8. People are putting them on their nails:

    HELL. NO. ho. Fidget spinner nail art. Too far, skanks:

    9. In their hineys:

    these fidget spinner tricks are going too far

    10. And all over their hair:

    11. People are seeing them everywhere:

    12. I mean, everywhere:

    13. I mean, come on:

    14. COME ON!!!

    15. This is just insanity:

    16. It's gone too far:

    17. Way too far:

    18. Smh.

    19. People are asking questions we never needed the answers to:

    20. And now the dang cops are getting in on it! THE COPS!

    21. Nobody asked for this. Nobody.

    Twitter: @hokum_