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24 People Who Need A Little Jesus In Their Lives


1. This damned soul:

2. This man sporting the mark of the beast:


3. This girl feasting at the table of Lucifer:

4. Anyone who uses this monstrosity:

5. The demon who suggested this:

6. Lord, this child:

7. The entirety of the Class Of 2021:

8. The hell spawn who allowed this to enter their mind:

9. This family:

10. These poor souls:

11. This man right at home in the eighth circle of Hell:

12. This lost soul:

13. This water beast:

14. This family that is just too far away from God's light:

15. The world's cutest couple:

16. The world's creepiest dad:

17. The person who thought this was an appropriate T to TBT:

18. The guy who found the best please Satan while wearing a fedora:


19. The dark artist who did this to King of the Hill:

20. This horny little demon:


21. This wayward child:

22. This man who has yet to find the salvation he seeks:


23. This mouthpiece for Satan's words:

24. Megan and her uncle:

And The Shreks:

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