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    50 Pictures That Look Pretty Much Exactly Like Your Childhood

    Cherish the mems, people.

    1. Those beautiful orange tapes:

    2. Followed by this exact screen:

    3. Extremely futuristic see-through phones:

    4. The hardest game you'll ever play:

    5. That sun that ALWAYS went in the corner:

    6. Striking gold:

    7. Disney cups, the only cups worth drinking liquid from:

    8. That delicious hose smell:


    10. Delicious Dunkaroos:

    11. The tastiest medicine known to humankind.

    12. Going to Blockbuster and hoping and praying no one already rented the thing you want:

    13. And taking out this ancient artifact:

    14. These tools for creating artistic masterpieces:

    15. Or this computer program for creating a masterpiece:

    16. The best sight during gym class:

    17. And the best day at school:

    18. Not to mention those gorgeous hand outs:

    19. Ridiculously uncomfortable blow-up furniture:

    20. A classroom full of thumbs raised:

    21. A pixelated little blob:

    22. Crazy gumball eyes:

    23. The only way to plan for the future:

    24. The sweet smell of VHS:

    25. That one Playskool flashlight with the green and red lights:

    26. The only map you'll ever need:

    27. The BIG difference:

    28. The best cereal prize:

    29. A rainbow Koosh:

    30. This health routine:

    31. These beautiful smells:

    32. This literary classic:

    33. This brand-new car:

    34. The big challenge:

    35. The no-skip struggle:

    36. The ORIGINAL text message:

    37. A towering bowl of French Toast Crunch:

    38. Or this beautiful work of art:

    39. Those magical balancing birds:

    40. The original iPod:

    41. Deep chats with an online robot:

    42. Brownies from a different galaxy:

    43. A pair of these bad boys:

    44. A brand-spankin'-new pack of cards:

    45. These literary classics:

    46. These pieces of fancy silverware:

    47. Halloween buckets:

    48. A box full of lasers:

    49. THE slide at Discovery Zone:

    50. And the wise words of Mr. Rogers: