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People Are Sharing Their Ungodly Croc Tans And I'm Lovin' It

Long live the Croc tan.

There's nothing that proves you are a laid back person who just likes to chill and party and also chill more than a croc tan.

Urban Dictionary defines a "Croc Tan" thusly:

Webster doesn't have "Croc Tan" in its database, but it suggested this as the next closest thing:

1. So, now that we're up to speed, observe a croc tan in all its glory:

2. Cherish it:


4. LIVE it:

5. I mean, nothing says chill like a G.D. Croc Tan:

6. This right here is a primo C.T. This is some major league stuff:

7. Beautiful:

8. Those right there are some summer feet:

9. Glorious:

10. This guy? This guy enjoys relaxing and chilling and also chilling:

11. Can't think of a more chill dad:

12. Feelin' like chillin' and also chillin' after seeing this photo:

13. It matches the holes so well:

14. A+.

15. On point: