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33 Puns That Are Way Funnier Than They Should Be

Every day I'm punnin'.

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1. The perfect cooking utensil:

2. The loss of a true icon:

3. The perfect pair of shoes:

4. Coral's mental state:

5. Changing of seasons:

6. Australian homework:

7. Amith's yearbook quote:

8. Today's weather:

9. History being made:

10. Waldo's fashion choices:

11. Family jeans:

12. Weird-lookin' cats:

13. Grandma's new number:


14. Bathroom problems:

15. This list summed up:

16. Foiled plans:

17. The agony and the ectasy of Robert:

18. The scariest pun of all time:


19. The saddest furniture:


20. This cat's new look:

21. Pears getting down to business:

22. Farmin' puns:

23. Puns from a different angle:

24. Inside the animal boardroom:

25. The trustworthiness of atoms:

26. Bra pics:

27. The most inspirational pun there ever was:

28. Not the people you want to meet in a dark alley:


30. The story of Peter Pan:

31. Rick Astley's favorite movie:

32. Dad's H2horror:

33. In conclusion...

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