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    19 Pictures Of Extremely Tiny Foods That Are Way Funnier Than They Should Be

    They're so...tiny.


    1. This absolutely MASSIVE lemon:

    2. This gargantuan bounty of carrots:

    3. This very powerful watermelon:

    4. This banana that defies the laws of nature:

    5. These absolutely enormous tomatoes:

    6. These abundant peppers:

    7. This tremendous onion:

    8. Enough orange to feed a family of 12:

    9. This humungo potato:

    10. This absolutely huge tomato:

    11. This mighty, mighty pineapple:

    12. This walloping ear of corn:

    13. This jumbo mushroom:

    14. This colossal harvest:

    15. This giant passion fruit:

    16. The stupendous squash:

    17. The biggest pumpkin humankind has ever seen:

    18. This titanic chile pepper:

    19. And this mammoth melon: