This Is What Lindsay Lohan And Pauly D. Hooking Up Was Probably Like

Let’s imagine what that was like…

In an interview with Celebuzz, Snooki dropped the bombshell to bomb every last shell that has not been already bombed. She said:

“It was our first time in L.A. and I feel like [Lindsay] was flirting with Pauly — and I feel like they made out.”

Let’s imagine what that was like….

2. Press play and scroll slowly:

3. Gettin’ hot.

4. Gettin’ heavy.

Jennifer Graylock/INFevents.com

5. Gettin’ steamy.

6. Gettin’ sweaty.

7. Gettin’ dirty.

8. Gettin’ sexy.

9. Gettin’ close.

10. Holdin’ steady.

11. Gettin’ fast.

12. Hard to breathe.

13. Then I look up.

14. And see these teeth.


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