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    Updated on Jan 1, 2019. Posted on Jun 25, 2018

    25 Things Baby Boomers Are Obsessed With For No Reason At All


    1. Ripped jeans:

    Why are baby boomers so obsessed with pointing out holes in jeans?? Focus on the holes you put in our housing market and economy, Deborah.

    2. What TV used to be like:

    old people love to talk about how there were only 3 channels

    3. "Getting a booth":

    Why do old people love sitting at booths at restaurants?

    4. Zooming in:

    Why are older people obsessed with zooming in when you show them a picture on your phone 🤔

    5. Leaving voicemails:

    Why are older people so obsessed with telling you what time it is when they leave you voicemails?

    6. Drinking from the hose:

    Why are baby boomers so obsessed with the fact that they grew up biking without helmets and drinking water from the hose? Always drinking water from the hose. I drank from the hose too and I also had a gameboy, debra

    7. Ailments:

    why the fuck old people only ever talk about their ailments

    8. Talking about dead people:

    Why do old people always have someone recently dead to talk about "My good friend Jimmy who passed away about 5 minutes ago..."

    9. Exact change:

    Old people are obsessed with paying with exact change

    10. Being "hands-free":

    Why are Boomers so obsessed with Bluetooth hands-free phone calls in their automobiles?

    11. Impossible remotes:

    Why do baby boomers love really complicated tv remotes

    12. Voice controls:

    why are baby boomers unhealthily obsessed with using voice command

    13. Turning the lights on:

    why are old people obsessed with making you have lights on in the room you’re in like let me sit in solemn

    14. Certain nuts:

    15. Taking huge-ass videos:

    yo why do old people LOVE taking videos on their iPad??

    16. The NFL and World War II:

    I feel like old people only talk about the NFL and world war 2

    17. The weather:

    Why are old people always obsessed with weather reports? Even what the weather is like in areas where they don’t live?

    18. Directions:

    Why are older people SO obsessed with talking about what route/highway you drove?

    19. Midrange Js:

    Why are old people at gym obsessed with shooting midrange jumpshots

    20. Texting... like... this...

    Why do older people always text like this... are they obsessed with ellipsis... or are they scared of single periods & other puntucation...

    21. Cellphones at concerts:

    old people are so obsessed with banning phones at concerts, why do they care so much how i enjoy my time

    22. Cursive:

    Why are old people so obsessed with kids learning cursive? I haven't used that shit since 3rd grade

    23. Pot pie, I guess:

    why are old people obsessed with pot pie.... #ew

    24. Thank you cards:

    Why are baby boomers obsessed with thank you cards? Why must every gift or card given merit a thank you card?

    25. And just, like, being old:

    Why are old people so obsessed with being old? Like “oh you guys are probably too young to know what this is” Bitch I’ve seen a cassette tape. I’m not 10.

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